Our works

Сырная доска «Символ  2018 года» 1

Cheese Board "Symbol 2018" 1

Сырная доска «Символ  2018 года» 2

Cheese Board "Symbol 2018" 2

Сырная доска «Символ  2018 года» 3

Cheese Board "Symbol 2018" 3

Кружка пивная емк.880см3

Beer mug capacity.880см3

Набор посуды «Пчёлка»

Cookware set "Bee"

Тарелки «Времена года»1

Plates "the seasons"1

Тарелки «Времена года»2

Plates "the seasons"2

Набор посуды «Чак чак»

Set of dishes "Chuck Chuck"

Набор посуды «Башкорт»

Cookware set Bashkort

Набор посуды «Деколь восточная золотом»

Cookware set "Decal gold Eastern"

Набор посуды «Деколь восточная»

Cookware set "Decal East"

How to make an individual order

Monogram, monogram, family coat of arms will be an ornament of your chosen products. We offer to perform your chosen decor with overglaze painting using high quality certified paints with a wide color range. Also, at your request, it is possible to use preparations containing precious metals: gold, platinum. LLC "Bashkir Porcelain" offers companies to make porcelain products in the corporate style of your organization. The service for applying the corporate logo can be done either by hand painting or by decal. The decor is subjected to heat treatment in high-temperature furnaces for the inking of paints into the surface of the product. This method of applying decor provides high quality images and a long life of decorated products. The best artists and designers of our company will work for you. To calculate the cost and timing of your order, you need to send an e-mail application.

In the application specify:
  • - circulation (from 500 pieces);
  • - the desired size of the logo and the number of logos for each product.
  • - name, article number from the assortment of the plant;
  • - the number of colors in the image;
  • - the presence of gold or platinum in the logo;
  • - mockup image in vector format: Corel Draw (CDR) or Adobe Illustrator (AI);
At the output you will receive a ready-made circulation.

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