Bashkir porcelain, formerly Oktyabrsky Porcelain Products Factory, is one of the largest factories in Russia specializing in the production of professional restaurant porcelain of a European quality. It is located in the city of October Republic of Bashkortostan. Since its founding, in 1963, the factory has been working and developing dynamically for many decades.

In 2007, a large-scale modernization of the plant was carried out.

For this purpose, we analyzed the experience of the world leaders production of professional porcelain, studied raw materials base and modern technological processes . Based on the results of the analysis, we have chosen a unique complex, environmentally friendly and safe raw material of the company IMERYS (Germany), which meets all the international quality requirements. The plant is equipped with the most modern high-tech equipment produced by SAMA (Germany), ILMESERAM (France). All production lines are automated as much as possible. The efficient modes of the high-temperature baking in the modern furnaces of SERIX WISTRA production (France) are selected.

Nowadays our porcelain is known and it is successfully used by thousands of hotels and restaurants. Porcelain is particularly strong, of an excellent quality and has a variety of the proposed forms. In the collection of the plant there are several lines of utensils for all possible directions in the field of culinary art, the plant also produces dinnerware sets and memorable souvenirs, vases, sculptures of small forms.

Regular analysis of the needs of the HoReCa market is crucial in the formation of the current collection.

All items of the collection are combined, which makes it possible to use porcelain in any kinds of institutions and to create diverse servings.

Restaurateurs appreciate our porcelain for its beauty, glaze whiteness, practicality and durability. This porcelain does bear the name "Professional porcelain №1 in Russia" by rights.

Arguments in favor of our porcelain

The composition of the porcelain mass is selected in such a way that after firing at a temperature of 1400C, the products acquire a special strength. The unique glaze formula gives the products durability in use. Due to the high density of the glaze layer on such porcelain, the food cools down much more slowly. Porcelain, produced from such a mass and glaze, perfectly tolerates frequent washing cycles in dishwashers, successfully withstands sudden changes in temperature. Ideally smooth glaze coating guarantees the utensil hygienic.

The reinforced edges give strength to the products, which is important for an intensive use in institutions with a high turnover of utensils.

Porcelain can be safely used at a temperature of + 300 C. You can bake products in ovens.

The dishes (except decorated with preparations containing precious metals) can be used in a microwave oven. Porcelain will not suffer if the prepared dish from the freezer is heated in a microwave oven.

Specially thickened edges and a durable glaze provide maximum protection against chips and scratches (including ones from utensils).

The dishes are absolutely safe for health. In the composition of the mass and glaze there is no cadmium and lead, being in contact with food heavy metals do not fall in the human body that is especially important for baby food institutions and hospitals.

Wide assortment:

The wide range of products of the plant includes all necessary items for serving. The tableware is designed for an intensive use in a modern restaurant.


The color of the product is white, whiteness is up to 88%. Our dishes are characterized by low water absorption - less than 0.02%. Thick edges of the products provide maximum protection against chips and cracks during the use. The thickness of the walls of 3.5-4.5 mm helps to save the temperature of the dish. The glaze thickness of 0.2-0.25 mm ensures the glaze resistance to staining and damage. The feet of the product have a high degree of polishing, which helps to avoid scratches of the table.

Health Safety:

All products are made from environmentally friendly raw materials. The lead content is less than 0.001 mg / dm3, the cadmium content is less than 0.001 mg / dm3.

Heat resistance:

Products have increased heat resistance - up to 300°C and withstand sharp temperature changes, which allows using them in microwave ovens and freezers.


The edges of hollow products are glazed. The dishes are designed for all types of washing. An acid-resistant glaze coating protects the products from chemical reagents used when washing dishes. Glaze does not scratch when using with cutlery. All products are certified and meet the requirements of "Gosstandart of Russia" and the standards of Germany.

We offer: high quality products at the best prices; wide range of products; shipment from a warehouse in Russia and short delivery time; the possibility of applying any decor to order.

The plant has a dealer network on the territory of Russia, we invite to cooperation as dealers companies operating in the wholesale supply of utensils and complex supply of restaurants, wholesale and retail networks.

Фото Башкирского завода
Фото Башкирского завода
Фото Башкирского завода
Фото Башкирского завода
Фото Башкирского завода
Фото Башкирского завода
Фото Башкирского завода
Фото Башкирского завода
Фото Башкирского завода
Фото Башкирского завода

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